Riding Lessons

By appointments only please call or text. Saturday and Sundays 9am - 7pm.

Hours for lessons are Mondays - Fridays Depending on the weather!

Call Breanna Hess - 661-585-0488


Ages 5 and Under: Pony Rides starting at $15 for 15 minutes and $30 for 30 minutes.

Ages 6 - 8: Lessons for half-hour - 45 min at $30.

Ages 9 and up: We offer Lessons for $30 for 30 minutes and $50 for an hour.

Large groups of 3 or more: Pay the hour fee per person but get 1 - 2 hours of lesson time.



        1: Teaching Students how to properly handle a horse
        2: How to put a rope halter and a nylon halter on
        3: How to walk safely next to the horses and around the horses
        4: How to lunge *Gaining the horses trust and focus*
        5: How to properly saddle the horses up
        6: How to mount/dismount
        7: Emergence dismount
        8: Walk/Trot balanced before a canter


        9: Learning proper control
        10: How to canter controlled
        11: Learn how to give baths
        12: Go on trails
        13: Gymkana *Small fun events for kids to compete*
        14: Be able to join in on the parades we do every year


Weather can sometimes be a problem, if the winds are too high, enough that dirt and sand blows in eyes of horses and riders it can be uncomfortable, so lessons MAY take a standstill for that day but will continue once calm enough. Temperatures above 90: we don't offer lessons so schedules will change to accommodate for the high heat *early mornings and late evenings.* We do have arena lights for those late nights riding! Always come prepared with riding boots and leggings or jeans. Hope to see all you Cowboys and Cowgirls around!

Parties and Events

Need a space for your next birthday party, event or even wedding? Try considering a fun western themed event at the Lazy T Ranch!

Our Parties & Events
Horse Boarding

In addition to riding lessons, we also offer the perfect place to board your equine friend. We have plenty of stalls and space for your horse.

Our Horse Boarding