Riding Lessons


Lessons provided by Tish Shufelt.

Tish is licensed by the United states Trotting Association
Since 1978
Trainer and Driver (Q)

She studied riding in Hornchurch, Essex, England

The concept of a "Pony Club" from England is what we would like to develop here at Lazy T

A place where young children and Adults can learn about ponies and horses from feeding them to riding them.

Lessons & Rates

Children and Adults welcome

All lesson rates include the horse/pony, the equipment and helmet. All students under 18 years old are required to wear a helmet at all times while riding.

Beginners to Intermediate Riders - $40 a session

4-6 years old - 30-40 min. one-on-one instruction on basic grooming, basic skills to balance and control to ride a pony/horse starting on a lead line. (Children this young have a hard time paying attention for longer than this and need time to build strength to ride for very long; please keep that in mind)

7-9 years old - 30-40 min. one-on-one instruction on basic grooming, riding and basic care for pony/horse. (Children start to get horse crazy at this age, so depending on interest and strength determines how long they ride at this age)

10-17 years old - 40-50 min. one-on-one instruction on basic grooming, riding, and basic care for pony/horse.

Adults - 40-50 min. one-on-one instruction on grooming, riding, and basic care for pony/horse.

Beginners are taught western riding style. English is offered once the student can walk, trot, halt, and back up with ease.

The more you ride, the more you will learn.

Advanced Lessons

More advanced lessons are offered in western, English, dressage, jumping and many more advanced riding styles. These sessions are $60 an hour.

Private Pony Rides

Private pony rides are $20 per child per 15 minute ride - Helmet provided and required.

Weather & What To Wear

Weather - We ride outside. It can get windy. Dress for the worst and you can always remove layers. If worried about the conditions, please contact the instructor an hour before the scheduled lesson. We have lights for late afternoon and evening lessons.

What to wear - Closed-toe shoes are required of all riders. Boots are best, but tennis shoes are fine. Work boots with deep tread can be dangerous if they fit snug in the stirrups. - Jeans or leggings are best to ride in. Shorts are not allowed.

Call 661-406-7350 to book your lesson

Parties and Events

Need a space for your next birthday party, event or even wedding? Try considering a fun western themed event at the Lazy T Ranch!

Our Parties & Events
Horse Boarding

In addition to riding lessons, we also offer the perfect place to board your equine friend. We have plenty of stalls and space for your horse.

Our Horse Boarding